Monday, August 10, 2009

Hiatus: There's Begging and There's Begging

While I promised part 2 to the "Thanks" post (and it will come!), I found myself in the highly desirable situation of interviewing for jobs. Whew! While I was not ignoring the blogger's responsibility to keep writing, not matter what, nonetheless actually getting closer to employment did require a shift in consciousness.

I needn't bore you with this info, but thought it is important to the process of communications to acknowledge the situation head-on.

I did find myself in a begging mood ... more assertive, willingness to be "flexible", thoroughly accommodating, etc. I didn't stand my ground, as I would if positioned on "my" "regular" spot, defending territory from other potential beggars because I am convinced that it is the best spot possible. No, I ran around trying to find opportunities that others had neglected, in their own lax way.

More begging news to com. Yes, I remain conflicted as to whether to be employed as a begging agent (i.e. beg for someone else) or just do it for me.

In any event, no matter what ...
Don't forget to ask for the money!

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