Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Prince Harry of Wales to Receive 2nd Holy Beggar Award!

It's Nobel Prize season, but your Holy Beggar is not interested in headlines, rather she wishes to give recognition when it's due.

She is deeply impressed by the stamina and personal conviction of Prince Harry of Wales, QEII's grandson, for his courage and clarity in support of wounded military troops who have suffered life-challenging wounds as a result of battle. He'll be walking 1000 miles across Britain with 6 others with a bucket to accept donations from folks along the way.

From the Telegraph:

"He praised the members of the public who've been putting hard-earned money in the donation buckets as the marchers make their way around Britain. 

"The support has been amazing,” he said. “People come out to give money and then when they hear what it's for they put another £20 in."
More here.

 A tip of the Beggar's Bowl to you, Harry.

Remember ... 
No matter what,
Don't forget to ask for the money!