Thursday, July 15, 2010

With Layoffs, Nonprofits Relying More on Volunteers

Check out the July 14, 2010, article in The Chronicle of Philanthropy
on the Johns Hopkins University study \(

Your Holy Beggar is working hard to get Congress to change the tax laws to provide an income tax deduction tied to volunteer service.

It's time that volunteers get more than a handshake and a certificate. Romanticizing the value of free labor is not appropriate in today's economy ... actually it never has been.

Is this like a beggar selling advertising on her begging sign? I'd love to see a sign that asks for help on a board that reads, "The pause that refreshes! Coke!"

Please, sign the petition ... or do what you can to get Congress to change the tax laws!

And no matter what,
Don't forget to ask for the money!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Walking the Talk: Petition Congress @

Your Holy Beggar has taken action! Aux armes, mes citoyens!

I've created a petition am working it as best I know how at the moment to secure signatures to elected Congressional officials and the President to get that tax deduction for nonprofit volunteering.

Please sign it and tell your friends, family, colleagues to do so as well.

You'll thank me for this, I know.

No matter what,
Don't forget to ask for the money!