Monday, September 5, 2011

A More Perfect Union ... Where are We? Who are They?

It's Labor Day ... a good day for holy beggars, as we are the quintessential laborers, working for our selves and helping society redistribute the currency, to keep the micro-socioeconomic juices flowing.

But today, I want to talk more to the macro, about Unions.

"... to form a more perfect union ..." is the first reason that the US Constitution was established. It's right there, up front in the Preamble ... We the People, in order to form a more perfect union ... do establish this constitution for the United States."

I find the efforts on the part of the hysterically blinded TeaPublicans to get rid of too much government treasonous! Just what is "government", except "we the people" who have formed "a more perfect union" of workers. Swashbuckling their way through a useless "balance sheet", they seek to dis-employ all that is "government" and swell the ranks of the unemployed. It's really disgusting.

On another note, why have the unions been all but nonexistent during this war against the profiteers?

After being laid off from my nonprofit employer of over 5 years due to the "corporatization" of what is otherwise a  bunch of well meaning people doing good work for a good reason I tried to rejoin AFSME. I had been a member of another nonprofit staff that was unionized and for good reasons. (The more recent NPO forbid unionization ... pity as the workers really needed it.)

If all former union members were to be welcomed back into the ranks of our working brothers and sisters, we would constitute a true force. The unions, like the corporations, became top heavy, staying alive to serve those who are priviledged, not advancing the rights of able-bodied (and disable-bodied) humans to have right livelihood.

Your holy beggar is not promoting anarchy for the sake of her own needs, but for the sanity. Don't even get me started about the need for a tax deduction for volunteer work.

Solidarity Forever!

And remember,
No Matter What
Don't Forget to Ask for the Money!